The Intersection

These artwork were realized for the exhibition “The Intersection” at W+K Amsterdam for  International Women’s Day.

These collages have been created by a series of photograps shot during a visit in Firenze, the city of the Renaissance. The only image I had to borrow from the internet is the tiny penis. Believe it or not, in the Uffizi, the biggest Renaissance gallery of all time, there were many nude female paintings, but almost no visible penis’. This doesn't happen only in the Uffizi, but in most of the museums, where naked women, painted by men, are on every wall, greatly exceeding the number of artworks made by women artists (which is usually extremely low). 
Collages exposed at “The intersection” an exhibition by W+K Amsterdam that celebrates female-identifying creatives, and the women who inspire and feature in their work.

Medium: Digital collages

all work © cecilia pignocchi 2022