Hey, my name is Cecilia. I’m a human being, currently working at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam as a senior Art Director.
I work across storytelling, filmmaking, photography, collage, street art and illustration. When I’m not behind this computer, I’m rock climbing or hiking in the mountains.

Get in touch! I’d love to chat. cecilia.pignocchi@gmail.com

Short film
Grottaroli - Tribeca film festival 2021 - World premiere

The British Arrows Bronze 2017 - Instagram “A day on planet stories”
Eurobest Gold as Micro-Film 2017 - Instagram “Stories are everywhere”

Samsung, Instagram, Duolingo, Evian, Uber, Corona, Nike, Milka, Epic Aircraft, Airbnb, Jupiler, Budweiser, InBev.


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