The Cuckoo

In our modern world of never-ending hubbub and hullabaloo, finding a moment for peaceful reflection, to relax and recharge, is increasingly rare. But when you do find the time, make the most of it… preferably with a tender, delicious Milka Brownie.
This campaign to launch the new Milka Brownies reminds people to make the most of their ‘me-time’ with a little help from — Lazlo, the proud and plucky cuckoo that sounds the hour in the Records Room of Lilaberg’s Town Hall. In ‘The Cuckoo’, Lazlo has his performance canceled – and his pride dented – when it threatens to interrupt Ingrid’s hard won moment of me-time.
Client: Milka
Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Daniel Schaefer, Szymon Rose
Creatives: Cecilia Pignocchi, Scott Smith
Director: Tompa & Rondo
Year: 2017

Services: Concept, Art direction

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