Tempo Bello 

Tempo Bello (Good Weather) is an ongoing series that narrates the journey of redescovering my roots.

Despite being born by the sea, I always felt like a fish out of water in my hometown and, more broadly, in Italy. From my teenage years, I had a strong desire to leave. For many years, I turned my back on my roots in search of my personal identity, spending the last decade in Amsterdam, where the light and weather were drastically different. Each summer homecoming intensified my need to capture the vibrant colors that were no longer part of my daily life. By distancing myself from what I thought I knew, I unconsciously began a journey of rediscovering my origins. What was once mundane now appeared like a movie set. A film in which even my mother’s belly seemed so interesting to photograph. The visual language, spontaneous and ironic, arises from deeply rooted ideas like stereotypes and sexuality, merging with reality to create pop, nostalgic, and surreal images. Here, the “Good Weather” reigns supreme, with the sun illuminating the path to self-awareness. “Good Weather” is rooted in my DNA, and by subtracting my body from it, I inadvertently rediscovered my soul.

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