Re-Renaissance 2.0

Welcome to the Re-Renaissance 2.0
In the epoch of tech, Dutch masterpieces have become available to any human via high-res scans on the world wide web. We are witnessing the re-rebirth. These once untouchable pieces can now be chopped up and reassembled into avant-garde compositions, thanks to the master-crafting-software that is Adobe Photoshop.
In this contemporary, slapstick world, the dark, serious aesthetics of the past become cheeky and whimsical. A surprised Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen picks his nose behind a curtain, an airborne baby butt-plays the flute, a stack of cheese runs for its life, and, in this modern age of extinction, three ladies' ruffs are given a second chance as a new species of bird. What would the old masters have said, seeing their artworks mangled and mutated into exquisite corpses?

This Collage series has been realized for the Rijksstudio Award 2020 - a contest that invites artists and designers to create their own masterpiece inspired by the Rijksmuseum's collection.

Medium: Digital collages

all work © cecilia pignocchi 2022