The Oogman

The Oogman is a charachter born and raised in streets of Amsterdam.

The Oogman (Eyeman) is a character born in Amsterdam, conceived by Italian artist and art director, Cecilia Pignocchi. The graphic approach and simplicity comes from a graphic design background. And the style is of course inspired by Keith Haring. Not only in the choice of colours and thick black lines, but also for the media, scale and thematics. The Oogman began on paper, wood and canvas, before eventually making his way onto the streets of various cities, as murals and stickers. Each piece must start with a simple human insight or experience. Oogman has a childlike curiosity and an uninhibited hedonism that is often expressed through sex - in a fun and exploratory way, rather than for titillation. In the Oogman universe, everyone looks the same. It's a way of talking about humanity where in the end we all belong to the same species, therefore we are all the same. Through his ever-present eye he conveys his emotions of wonder, revelation, excitement, fear and love.

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